Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY creamy nude lip thing

Recently bought a concealer that does not match my skintone... bought it online... If you have similar problems do not fret! You can easily make a creamy nude lippy thing!

What you need:

Liquid concealer (Used ELF in Light Beige which I bought in ebay)

Lip gloss (Smashbox in Illume), it has sparkly bits in it! Actually, if you don't want sparkle then just use normal lip gloss.


Just put it together and BOOM! (I like to blend it at the back of my hand)


It's pretty creamy (because of my choice of lip gloss). I love it! :)

Other notes:

I actually tried the concealer on my lips without the gloss and it didn't work well! My lips were dry and the lines were showing and creasing.

Okay that is all! Goodluck with your DIY :)