Monday, August 29, 2011

Beauche day 5 or 6 (?)

HEY! anyway, here is the progress of  acne treatment thing. I am peeling and it feels a little stingy when I apply the meds (my friend says this also happened to her). so yea, my pimples are already flat and dry and I'm so happy :>

I am expecting more peeling and redness (they say that should happen in a week). So there. My face is a little red right now because I'm currently applying the medicine. So excited to watch my acne disappear!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beauche day 2

 Probably wondering what the title is all about. I'm trying this product on my face. I have really bad skin and loads of acne. (small super many ones!) So this ones are all my "before" pictures. I'm gonna do a little project and update once in a while on how my face is doing. So I can really see and test if this thing works.

The next set of pictures are the once I took tonight, my 2nd day on the Beauche regimen. It's not painful (yet, they say it will sting a bit), I'm not yet peeling or anything. The set consists of a toner, clarifying solution, rejuvenating cream, exfoliating cream and an age defense cream. The age defense cream is just sunscreen of some sort. My complexion is better in these photos compare to the once above because I'm using my phone's camera. teehee

Hope this'll work. sigh! Been wanting to get rid of my acne for some time now. And I hope this will be it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long Weekend

Had yummy food from home! Yey for long weekends! I was able to go to my hometown Lucena City, Quezon for a weekend of fun, laughter and food with my sisters and parents! (My brother had work boohoo)

Love the pink!

yummy basil

seriously this is SUPER YUMMY
 SO this is what I wore when we went to church...

hype here

my mom gave me this gold bracelet, it was the first bracelet my dad gave her :)

chictopia here
It was super fun! (but I was a bit unproductive) And oh, found this cool game in facebook SIMS SOCIAL. add me. teehee! Thanks for my sister for these photos. We had a mini-photoshoot just outside our house. Love the lavender walls!

Harem Once Again

hype here

Sorry, I tend to overuse stuff I love. And these pants are just adorable. They are so comfortable I swear! I love how comfy they are and the print is just awesome! Looks so stylish but super comfy. I am a sucker for comfortable stuff. So sometimes I may dress super laid back because I treasure comfort more. teehee

Not been blogging for so long because I was a bit busy with the academe. chos!