Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beauche day 2

 Probably wondering what the title is all about. I'm trying this product on my face. I have really bad skin and loads of acne. (small super many ones!) So this ones are all my "before" pictures. I'm gonna do a little project and update once in a while on how my face is doing. So I can really see and test if this thing works.

The next set of pictures are the once I took tonight, my 2nd day on the Beauche regimen. It's not painful (yet, they say it will sting a bit), I'm not yet peeling or anything. The set consists of a toner, clarifying solution, rejuvenating cream, exfoliating cream and an age defense cream. The age defense cream is just sunscreen of some sort. My complexion is better in these photos compare to the once above because I'm using my phone's camera. teehee

Hope this'll work. sigh! Been wanting to get rid of my acne for some time now. And I hope this will be it!

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