Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Getaway


Been a long time. I need to update more often. Lots of things have changed. I think I will blog more often from now on. I missed this space and I think I am up for a revamp.

Anyway, I will go to Cebu this coming month of August! Zaful has asked me to pick out clothes from their store and it is such perfect timing as I need a new bikini / swimwear for the Cebu trip. Cebu has lots of good beaches and my sister has been planning this trip for a long time.

Zaful was so generous enough to give me $30 to spend on their store. For other online stores I think $30 is just one piece of something but in Zaful I got to pick 4 items! Isn't that a steal?! Also for my readers, they have a special code. Just use ZFEN when you checkout. :)

Back to which items I picked. I took my sweet time (like 2 hours, I know, I can get lost in all the clothes tell me about it) and picked these:


Obsessed with one-piece suits! This one is perfect. I hope it fits me when it gets delivered.


This is all over Instagram and used by everyone. I like the look and I don't care if everyone has them ha ha! I think I'll use this so much because it is so hot out! Super excited for this one and it is so damn cheap, only $7.90!


Again this is me bandwagon-ing, but I have not found this style of an off-shoulder top that I liked. It is plain but can be dressed up in all sorts of ways. Super excited to mix this in with my wardrobe.


Oh come on, this is the perfect partner to that off-shoulder blouse. It is super cute and super fun and I don't have a choker yet so I am late in the choker party.

If I had extra cash I would've picked some of the dresses in the Black Dress Maxi section. These can be worn at night in the seaside! Also I like their selection of cute Midi Dresses which are super flowy and perfect for me as I don't really like super tight dresses. I need to breathe!

Anyway, they are having a summer sale and hop on right to their website to know more:


I will update you as soon as I receive their package. Will let you know what I think about them and how they fit!