Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zalora Item of the Week

Isn't it pretty??? :) Love the unique style of it! I know loafers have been a staple and this one just simple takes the most unique twist to it. So pretty! And for only P1045 it is pretty cheap!

Don't forget to use the code IrinaTanw to get a 5% discount with minimum 500php purchase.
Happy shopping!

p.s. this was supposed to be a Friday post! hahaha, so every Friday I'll be blogging about a zalora item of the week.

p. p. s. haven't ordered anything yet from Zalora because 1. I don't have my allowance yet :( and 2. I can't choose what to buy!!! Too many good finds there.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NYX Jumbo eye pencil

Recently bought NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Black bean here for only P189! (yes the shipping fee is inclusive) Been searching for the longest time for the cheapest price (I am very thrifty) and finally found it. Love the multiply website. (And no, this particular online shop didn't pay me to say this).

Anyway, so on to my review. (Sorry for the camera phone low quality pics)

Neat packaging.

This is just one swipe

  • Love the texture of this eye pencil, it's super creamy and blendable too. 
  • I like the pigmentation. Very black and thick. I think normal eye pencils are too thin (because I'm a monolid, my eyelids sorta envelopes the thin line I make with normal pencils)
  • Very easy to use, super smooth. Glides on easily.
  • Wouldn't recommend this to someone who has oily eyelids (it transfers easily)
  • Lasted the whole day but was smudgy at times.
  • It needs a primer for it to last in super crazy weather.

I use this to just line my eyelids (heavily if I may add) and voila. Instant wake-up look for me. I have pretty small eyes so I love that this is jumbo. Will repurchase if I finish the whole stick! :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Zalora Item of the Week

by Charlie

I honestly love this dress and I love this brand. I have seen their clothes and they are all so unique and fun! I would totally wear this and maybe wear a sweater because of the rainy weather we're having. 

And this dress is only PHP899, and Zalora is kind enough to offer FREE SHIPPING for all their items. AWESOME!

More awesomeness is that I am one of the brand ambassadors of Zalora

And because I love giving, enter the voucher code IrinaTanw to get an instant 5% off your purchase. (But you have to buy at least Php500)

What's even more convenient is that they accept online bank payments! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Emerging trends that I love

Trend report. damn I want me some of these... photos were from their respective website.

DOLCE AND GABBANA spring summer 2013 collection

They say they're so into baroque. These are some of my favorites:

LOVE EVERYTHING. the boots the dress the hair the expression. I wanna wear this out or something. I'll feel like a garden!

The "silk scarf" trend is really picking up. And this dress just screams class! I think if you're wearing this it would feel like you own 10 yachts or something! 

This shirt is super sophisticated. Love all the details. I feel like I'm looking at an old beautiful painting!

I love this dress. Absolutely sexy and stunning.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN spring summer 2013 collection

also features a kind of baroque style as well. Victorian shiz going on I think? And I love how sexy and androgynous everything is. 

I love everything! HER SHOES. gahhhh why must this be so expensive? I love the jacket. It screams sexy and sophistication.

Winner pants to make your legs look super duper long! I love the top, very contrasting with the chains.

This is absolutely gorgeous. The cut of the dress is super flattering. Should have worn something like this when I went to prom!

RAJO LAUREL spock and savile collection

Modern cut out and panels. Love his designs. Super refreshing and contrasting to baroque styles. I also love the concept of this photoshoot!

This dress will be very flattering to any figure! Love the details!

Love all the details specially the jacket/blazer.

This is just WOW. Love androgynous stuff so this definitely is a beautiful ensemble for me.


This dress is super gorgeous. I would've bought something like this also for prom. Yes I know it's black but whatevs. HAHA

Specially love Rajo Laurel's designs because it is super wearable! It speaks chic but it truly is wearable if you're a normal person. haha

So what's your favorite trend/piece?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Moisturizer (updated)

So, I've been searching for the best moisturizer out there. I've been testing out Olay Natural White day cream and so far it's been good to my skin. (Been using it for 2 days)

I have very sensitive skin (when I say very, I mean verrrrrrry) so it's so hard to find something that'll soothe and tame my very wild skin. With the olay day cream, my face looks a bit radiant (my boyfriend asked me what I've done to my face because it looked great). I'm not really crazy about the smell. I think it's too overpowering and too fragrant for a face lotion. But anyway, my face instantly reacts to products with harsh ingredients (once tried ponds and it made my face itchy the first time I applied). So far so good with the olay cream.

Texture. This cream is very very very light and won't leave your face oily and smudgy. I don't rub it on my face, I just tap tap tap until my face absorbs it by itself. It delivers its description that it is a non-greasy formula.

Price. It is okay. Not that cheap not that expensive. I think the price is just right.

Repurchase. I think I'll finish my sachet first before I buy the bottle and if my skin doesn't react badly I'll totally buy it again.

Another advantage of this cream is, that it has UV protection. (score!)

I think I'll test it out for a week and post my results!


Stopped using this product, too thick and I think it blocked my pores. Switched to a new moisturizer which I will blog about soon. Just testing it out longer for more accurate review :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

star wars

thrifted star wars shirt that I DIY-ed

Porselas spiked ring

Thrifted faded denim vest, black liquid pants also thrifted

If you've noticed I love thrift stores! HAHAHA! :) When this picture was taken, I was from my construction materials laboratory class. Hence the dirty shoes! Dressed to kill because, well I just wanted to be fierce for my classes! Hahaha! I look like a mighty strong chick! :)

If you loved my spiked ring, I have 2 stocks left at my online shop PORSELAS. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012


Spent my weekend at home! (Lucena, Quezon). Had plenty of family time! I really missed my hometown. Now as I'm typing this, I'm in Manila already. So here are some pics:

My dry fingers. haha

And here's my outfit today when I went to class. Dunno why there's so many pics of me holding my head. -.-

Silk+denim blouse I found in a thriftstore. AMAZING RIGHT?! :)

Bazaar bought mustard shorts

Crocs flats

Played with different kinds of blue today. The pretty color of my shorts also are on my blouse! :) Thanks to my loving boyfriend for my outfit photos:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New at Porselas

Spiked ring Php90

Black ring Php80

Gold Studs Php90

New stuff at my online shop PORSELAS

Go and check out the new mini collection here.

Gonna get the spiked ring one! HEHEHE :3 It is totally my style. :)