Monday, June 2, 2014

Un-updated no more

Hey Hey! How are you guys? Anyway just a little post before I eat lunch. Not an updated in a year huh? I've been a little busy with school works and the likes. Mostly partying (joke!) but in all seriousness. I've been a little busy but now back to blogging. I missed posting!

Will have more blogs with reviews soon because my make up kit's been piling up! (Freebies from ninongs and titas and titos hehehe).

Sorry about the weird short post because I just wanted to post! Hehehe!

My hair's now longer than before and I kinda hate/love it. Hate it because it's too hot here but love it because I finally do not get mistaken for a boy. Hahaha!

That is all. Expect more posts from me! :)