Thursday, August 30, 2012


I think it's destiny! hahaha! I should buy some before the promo ends... Why can't they just put it as a regular thing on the menu????

 Anyway, don't forget to drop by Zalora and use the promo code IrinaTanw to get your 5% discount with 500php minimum purchase. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zalora Style of the Week

Just the inspiration I needed. Gonna attend a retro themed party this coming weekend.
Got to rest because of a viral infection I caught. Huhu. Been sick for a week. :(

Well, visit ZALORA for these awesome stuff. What I love about them is that they do not have hidden fees and they just put the price out there. You don't have to ask. (Like a lot of online shops are super secretive about prices and shit like that).

Remember to use the code "IrinaTanw" to get your 5% discount. (Minimum of 500 peso purchases)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zigiddy zag

Thrifted boots

Hand-me-down dress for my mom

Longchamp bag from my mom also

Accessories from Porselas

Watch from Timex

I don't have that much dresses so when my mom offered this dress to me I quickly grabbed it! And these boots were a good bargain! Got them for only P170! (approx. $4) And they are so comfy too!

I love this dress because the print just shouts NOTICE ME HEY! I do admit I'm really an attention whore so this just is totally me! :)

And ooooooh! I received my orders from Zalora! :) Awesome!

Ambassador of fun shirt from Zalora (use the code IrinaTanw for 5% discount with min. 500 peso purchases), Green swirly dress also from my mom :)

I actually ordered 2 tops and a lip shimmer but I gave the other top as a birthday gift to my sis and the lip shimmer I gave to my mom. I love this shirt! And its font is matchy matchy with my newly green thrifted shoes that I got for approx. $6!

Awesome shoes right? super happy with them! They look brand new! :) I love thrift shops here at my province in Quezon! :) Shall blog tomorrow about my new skin care discoveries :) Teehee!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello! Now I love bargains and discounts so Imma throw discounts everywhere!!!!

First off:

- they slash P500 off your first purchase when you sign up for their newsletter with minimum purchase of P1000. (ain't that sweet??)
- use the code "IrinaTanw" to get 5% discount off with minimum purchase of P500.
- when they deliver your orders you get a stub that slashes P150 off of your next purchase (minimum again of P500)

Awesome right?! Will blog about their services tomorrow! Ordered from them last week :) I actually used the P500 off thing. :) The best most wonderful thing about them is that they have FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! And if you'll notice, the products you see in malls are also available in Zalora for the same price!

- $10 off on your $70 purchases! Just enter the code: "HotSummer10" (VALID UNTIL AUGUST 15 ONLY)

- $21 off from this dress:

So it amounts to only almost $12!!!!! GAAH. Just use the code "-21USD" and BOOM! $21 saved!

I love bargains so I suggest you use these codes for the better! :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Androgynous fan must-have

This is one word that gets thrown a lot at me. Simply because I do look like a boy sometimes, and other times a girl. And I don't mind because I love androgynous looks on women. I think there is something about it that's really classy and sexy at the same time. That's really why I cut my hair so short recently. I love playing around and bending the gender line. I'm a gender-bender! (Futurama reference sorry I watch it too much).

I don't think it's offensive that a nice cashier girl in KFC says "Sir" to me. It's funny! Sometimes people don't really know that I'm a girl especially when I dress very manly. (And I do that a lot!)

So for me, if you're gonna pull off an androgynous look, here are the basic must-haves:

A nice well tailored blazer



Blazers are an awesome way to push your look to the androgynous side. Specially the ones with the shoulder pads. I love blazers! They are very versatile. When you think a dress or an ensemble is close to slutty or trashy, add a blazer. It works wonders! Lakas magpalalake! It really transforms your look. I think suits are very manly and strong that's why blazers just puts the edges on your body.

High waisted trousers





This type of pants/trousers are perfect for gender-bender-ing! I also love that it creates an illusion of a smaller waistline. (Perfect for people like me!) It also elongates your legs and makes it look like it goes on forever! Paired with the right shoes and accessories, this could take you to places! 






Love brogues. They are everywhere. I think the better option for buying brogue shoes are buying the "manlier" designs. I really like the manly version better than the slimmed down smaller versions. Good ol' fashion brogues are pretty! I remember my father owned plenty of these "dressy" shoes. I would urge him to wear it out because I thought they were cute and pretty. Sometimes I wish my feet were longer and bigger so I can borrow them all from my father!

So those are my must-haves if you do like the androgynous look. But if you really just wanna "dip" and just try androgyny one baby step at a time, I suggest pairing these with girly girl pieces in your closet. For just a hint of androgyny why not use the pants then pair it with a floral corset? Or wear the brogues with a flirty skirt/dress?

p.s. missed blogging really long and boring everyone to death with my """fashion""" advice. (those were sarcastic quotation marks) hahaha. And this is from a self appointed fashionista. Toodles! :)

Zalora Item of the Week

Asymmetrical Bandeau by I love Koi


Since we're flooded here at Manila, I went to Zalora and looked for the item of the week in the swimwear category. (harhar) Love this assymetrical swimsuit by I love Koi. The colors are super pretty. And the cut of the bikini top is superb. I do recommend this to someone who doesn't have a big chest. I think it fits us, smaller bust girls, better. Imagine someone with big boobs wearing this, I think her boobs will fall out. (bitter)

And when I was browsing through Zalora's swimwear, I keep thinking of this meme which I just made now:

I really need to exercise/workout/jog/do-anything-but-not-eat.

And don't forget to use the voucher code: "IrinaTanw" when you checkout to avail a 5% discount. (minimum of 500php purchase)