Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zigiddy zag

Thrifted boots

Hand-me-down dress for my mom

Longchamp bag from my mom also

Accessories from Porselas

Watch from Timex

I don't have that much dresses so when my mom offered this dress to me I quickly grabbed it! And these boots were a good bargain! Got them for only P170! (approx. $4) And they are so comfy too!

I love this dress because the print just shouts NOTICE ME HEY! I do admit I'm really an attention whore so this just is totally me! :)

And ooooooh! I received my orders from Zalora! :) Awesome!

Ambassador of fun shirt from Zalora (use the code IrinaTanw for 5% discount with min. 500 peso purchases), Green swirly dress also from my mom :)

I actually ordered 2 tops and a lip shimmer but I gave the other top as a birthday gift to my sis and the lip shimmer I gave to my mom. I love this shirt! And its font is matchy matchy with my newly green thrifted shoes that I got for approx. $6!

Awesome shoes right? super happy with them! They look brand new! :) I love thrift shops here at my province in Quezon! :) Shall blog tomorrow about my new skin care discoveries :) Teehee!

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  1. love those dress you look so chic, btw do you mind following each other sweety?