Saturday, July 30, 2011

weather's bipolar

hype on lookbook

thrifted shorts/weaved belt from Eastwood/vintage bag from dad

V-neck shirt from Forever 21/Shoes from Sanuk

Hello! Love the bed weather! Yey. This outfit was perfect because it was hot in the day yesterday. I love these pair of shorts! High-waist shorts + simple tee = chic! Seriously, I love how these shorts transform my look, imagine if I wore a simple pair of shorts, it doesn't have that umph! to it.

So anyway, I hate people who post BIG and DEEP words in their statuses and say whoever doesn't know that word is stupid. SERIOUSLY YOU ARE ALL SO PRETENTIOUS! -.- Knowing a deep and profound word does not make one intelligent, instead it makes you look like a douche. Am I right? Language's main goal is for people to understand you and know what you are trying to say. RIGHT?! grrrr sometimes they just get on my nerve.

That is all. Sorry for the rant, I just had to get it out somewhere. Have a lovely weekend!

p.s. I'm really excited tomorrow because me and my sister, we're gonna go thrift shopping! :>

Saturday, July 23, 2011




You're probably wondering why there's so much nudity in this post. Well, because I had an implied nude (well close to nude) photoshoot last night. It was a very fun and interesting experience! I love how my friend the photographer let's me see all the pictures and asks how I see them.

It was really fun, because we went to a motel to shoot! Hahahaha. It was interesting that the people were kinda staring at us because we were 3 people!

Hmm I kinda found a new appreciation for my body, even though it isn't really perfect, (I have love handles everywhere) the photos were surprisingly beautiful! Can't wait to get my hands on the copies.

So girls out there, love your body! Because no one will ever truly love your body except you :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

eye make up 1st try

Tried eyeliner and blurred it a little bit. Did my eyes look bigger? hmmm. That is all, I think I won't post a look post today because I'm too lazy to dress up (I'm wearing a white shirt and shorts). So there. Good morning and have a wonderful friday :)


ring from Accessorize

hype on lookbook or chictopia
I just randomly woke up at 4am! Weird isn't it?! Well about my look, I LOVE THIS PRINTED POLO! It is so exquisite! Found it at a thrift store! I love the vintage feel of the print. Sorry for the slippers, I think it really isn't chic and all but it's HOT out here! And I basically walk ALL the time. So yeah, slippers are kinda the staple footwear in my university. What's the staple in yours? :)


Oh and I've been using Celeteque's Alcohol Free Toner because I really have sensitive skin. It's working great! I used to have irritated skin after using a toner but this one's really gentle. I love it. And no, I'm not getting paid to say that! haha

Thursday, July 21, 2011

flower puff

hype on lookbook and chictopia

My make up was supposed to look kinda like black swan or something. I love the texture of the skirt. It's so girly yet kinda spunky because it's black and purple. I wish I had more accessories to play with, these accessories was from the online shop's owner which I modeled for. She had like 2-3 huge boxes of accessories! I kinda joked around a bit that I want like 2-3 pieces! Hahaha. Someday I shall buy lots of accessories!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

denim polo

Yes, I know I look really dorky! hahahaha love this denim polo! Got it at a random thrift store in Quezon Avenue. :)

shoe fever

 Been forever drooling over awesome shoes I found in here. It's like shoe heaven I tell you.

love this one!
I made it easier so you could click on the caption to show the page of those wonderful wedges! And only P1200 (approximately less than $30)

this is awesome
would buy this if I had the money
Yea you might think it's pretty darn cheap but for me it CERTAINLY AIN'T! (*sigh)

My favorite look for the week SO FAR is this :

hype here
The cropped top is just love! Bought it just like 2 days before I wore it out because I was super excited. My friend lives near the Big Tent (or somesort of that name I forgot) where there was a huge bazaar, it's near FEU-FERN like near fairview? Well I don't know bout directions so I'll just focus on the shirt, it was only P100! (approximately $2) love it! Wore flipflops that day because it was so hot and I walk a lot.

I wish I had more heels and strappy sandals and the like, I only like have 5 or 6 pairs of shoes that are bought for their comfort not their aesthetic value. I'm more of that girl, that chill relaxed girl without heels (because I think I look like a failed transvestite when I do put heels on I AM TOO TALL!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


hello blogger?! testing testing 1, 2.

sigh* I have class today, so boring, about programming and all that jazz. Wish I could forward time because I wanna go to the mall. Well, I won't be shopping, I'll be buying milk and all that grocery stuff.

Anyway, saw this cute online shop ModCloth. Love
their merchandise. seriously.

here's a screenshot of their dresses <3
everything's so frilly and girly! It so not me (if you check my lookbook or chictopia) but I WANT ALL OF THEM!

Wish they could sponsor me or something. *ehem ehem