Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shoe fever

 Been forever drooling over awesome shoes I found in here. It's like shoe heaven I tell you.

love this one!
I made it easier so you could click on the caption to show the page of those wonderful wedges! And only P1200 (approximately less than $30)

this is awesome
would buy this if I had the money
Yea you might think it's pretty darn cheap but for me it CERTAINLY AIN'T! (*sigh)

My favorite look for the week SO FAR is this :

hype here
The cropped top is just love! Bought it just like 2 days before I wore it out because I was super excited. My friend lives near the Big Tent (or somesort of that name I forgot) where there was a huge bazaar, it's near FEU-FERN like near fairview? Well I don't know bout directions so I'll just focus on the shirt, it was only P100! (approximately $2) love it! Wore flipflops that day because it was so hot and I walk a lot.

I wish I had more heels and strappy sandals and the like, I only like have 5 or 6 pairs of shoes that are bought for their comfort not their aesthetic value. I'm more of that girl, that chill relaxed girl without heels (because I think I look like a failed transvestite when I do put heels on I AM TOO TALL!)

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