Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my ZALORA wishlist

Okay, so I have seen ZALORA.ph everywhere! Seriously. They have ads everywhere. SO as the very curious person I am, I decided to try it! Awesome stuff! Love all their products for sale. Here are my top picks and how I would wear them if I could afford them!


Love this watch because it's so classy! And a little bit manly too. I would definitely wear it with something like this:

beach bum

beach bum by irinameow featuring denim jean shorts

I just love this super chill relaxed look. With the watch, it kinda pulls it over to the more classy lazy side, not the i-didnt-shower side.

This necklace is soooooooooo pretty! I love the bones! Super duper love it! It's so unique and fresh! I would wear this bones necklace with something like this:

modern goddess

I just love the contrast that bone necklace will make with the softness of the dress. It's like you're a warrior eating your enemies or something.


I haven't found my perfect combat boots yet! But I think these boots are the closest I can be. Oh when can you be mine?! I have tons and tons of ideas for these pair! But if I had the money to have these babies, I would totally wear them with this:

gothic princess

Right?! I want these boots! I have so many looks in mind! Seriously! *droooooool


This skirt is soooooooooooo cute! I can totally wear this everyday. It looks very comfy but looks super chic! I love the sheer detail. It's very unique and one of a kind! I would rock this skirt with something like this:


crisp by irinameow featuring h&m shoes

I don't wanna overpower the skirt because I think it should be the star of this outfit. So something basic and chic would work.

I don't even understand why this dress is not out of stock! This dress is so beautiful! I just love intricate details and this dress just blew me away. I would make this dress shine with shoes and accessories like these:

brown meets coral

It would totally work! Oh. This dress is just WOW. right?!

Anyway, if you sign up for their newsletter, you get P250 off! Nice deal huh? :) If only I had a zillion money I would totally buy from them. They also have a nationwide promo, free delivery! Hihi.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

summer time

 New look post after a long time! It's definitely summer here! Super sunny skies! Love summer!

Tank top from Forever21, thrifted pants, shoes gift from my sister
belt from a random bazaar, watch from my mom

 I kinda look mad in the photos I just noticed now. haha just trying to keep my bunny teeth inside! hehehe

See I have bunny teeth!

To other news, so awesome I freakin love my nailssssss <3 seriously! (sorry for my dry unattractive feet)

Super adorable! When  I look down I see flowers :)

Had my nails done at my friend's sister's place. NAIL TALK! Super cheap! only 150php! Seriously super cheap, I cannot find this similar thing they do in Manila. The good thing about this, (I think it's called recoils?) it doesn't make your nails all yellow and dry because they just stick it in with water! The cover it up with clear nail polish. It usually lasts to 2-3 weeks!

I don't know exactly the address. grrr. hahaha just look for it in Lucena, Quezon! :)