Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my ZALORA wishlist

Okay, so I have seen ZALORA.ph everywhere! Seriously. They have ads everywhere. SO as the very curious person I am, I decided to try it! Awesome stuff! Love all their products for sale. Here are my top picks and how I would wear them if I could afford them!


Love this watch because it's so classy! And a little bit manly too. I would definitely wear it with something like this:

beach bum

beach bum by irinameow featuring denim jean shorts

I just love this super chill relaxed look. With the watch, it kinda pulls it over to the more classy lazy side, not the i-didnt-shower side.

This necklace is soooooooooo pretty! I love the bones! Super duper love it! It's so unique and fresh! I would wear this bones necklace with something like this:

modern goddess

I just love the contrast that bone necklace will make with the softness of the dress. It's like you're a warrior eating your enemies or something.


I haven't found my perfect combat boots yet! But I think these boots are the closest I can be. Oh when can you be mine?! I have tons and tons of ideas for these pair! But if I had the money to have these babies, I would totally wear them with this:

gothic princess

Right?! I want these boots! I have so many looks in mind! Seriously! *droooooool


This skirt is soooooooooooo cute! I can totally wear this everyday. It looks very comfy but looks super chic! I love the sheer detail. It's very unique and one of a kind! I would rock this skirt with something like this:


crisp by irinameow featuring h&m shoes

I don't wanna overpower the skirt because I think it should be the star of this outfit. So something basic and chic would work.

I don't even understand why this dress is not out of stock! This dress is so beautiful! I just love intricate details and this dress just blew me away. I would make this dress shine with shoes and accessories like these:

brown meets coral

It would totally work! Oh. This dress is just WOW. right?!

Anyway, if you sign up for their newsletter, you get P250 off! Nice deal huh? :) If only I had a zillion money I would totally buy from them. They also have a nationwide promo, free delivery! Hihi.

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