Saturday, July 30, 2011

weather's bipolar

hype on lookbook

thrifted shorts/weaved belt from Eastwood/vintage bag from dad

V-neck shirt from Forever 21/Shoes from Sanuk

Hello! Love the bed weather! Yey. This outfit was perfect because it was hot in the day yesterday. I love these pair of shorts! High-waist shorts + simple tee = chic! Seriously, I love how these shorts transform my look, imagine if I wore a simple pair of shorts, it doesn't have that umph! to it.

So anyway, I hate people who post BIG and DEEP words in their statuses and say whoever doesn't know that word is stupid. SERIOUSLY YOU ARE ALL SO PRETENTIOUS! -.- Knowing a deep and profound word does not make one intelligent, instead it makes you look like a douche. Am I right? Language's main goal is for people to understand you and know what you are trying to say. RIGHT?! grrrr sometimes they just get on my nerve.

That is all. Sorry for the rant, I just had to get it out somewhere. Have a lovely weekend!

p.s. I'm really excited tomorrow because me and my sister, we're gonna go thrift shopping! :>

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