Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello! Now I love bargains and discounts so Imma throw discounts everywhere!!!!

First off:

- they slash P500 off your first purchase when you sign up for their newsletter with minimum purchase of P1000. (ain't that sweet??)
- use the code "IrinaTanw" to get 5% discount off with minimum purchase of P500.
- when they deliver your orders you get a stub that slashes P150 off of your next purchase (minimum again of P500)

Awesome right?! Will blog about their services tomorrow! Ordered from them last week :) I actually used the P500 off thing. :) The best most wonderful thing about them is that they have FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! And if you'll notice, the products you see in malls are also available in Zalora for the same price!

- $10 off on your $70 purchases! Just enter the code: "HotSummer10" (VALID UNTIL AUGUST 15 ONLY)

- $21 off from this dress:

So it amounts to only almost $12!!!!! GAAH. Just use the code "-21USD" and BOOM! $21 saved!

I love bargains so I suggest you use these codes for the better! :)

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