Saturday, July 14, 2012

Moisturizer (updated)

So, I've been searching for the best moisturizer out there. I've been testing out Olay Natural White day cream and so far it's been good to my skin. (Been using it for 2 days)

I have very sensitive skin (when I say very, I mean verrrrrrry) so it's so hard to find something that'll soothe and tame my very wild skin. With the olay day cream, my face looks a bit radiant (my boyfriend asked me what I've done to my face because it looked great). I'm not really crazy about the smell. I think it's too overpowering and too fragrant for a face lotion. But anyway, my face instantly reacts to products with harsh ingredients (once tried ponds and it made my face itchy the first time I applied). So far so good with the olay cream.

Texture. This cream is very very very light and won't leave your face oily and smudgy. I don't rub it on my face, I just tap tap tap until my face absorbs it by itself. It delivers its description that it is a non-greasy formula.

Price. It is okay. Not that cheap not that expensive. I think the price is just right.

Repurchase. I think I'll finish my sachet first before I buy the bottle and if my skin doesn't react badly I'll totally buy it again.

Another advantage of this cream is, that it has UV protection. (score!)

I think I'll test it out for a week and post my results!


Stopped using this product, too thick and I think it blocked my pores. Switched to a new moisturizer which I will blog about soon. Just testing it out longer for more accurate review :)

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