Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Emerging trends that I love

Trend report. damn I want me some of these... photos were from their respective website.

DOLCE AND GABBANA spring summer 2013 collection

They say they're so into baroque. These are some of my favorites:

LOVE EVERYTHING. the boots the dress the hair the expression. I wanna wear this out or something. I'll feel like a garden!

The "silk scarf" trend is really picking up. And this dress just screams class! I think if you're wearing this it would feel like you own 10 yachts or something! 

This shirt is super sophisticated. Love all the details. I feel like I'm looking at an old beautiful painting!

I love this dress. Absolutely sexy and stunning.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN spring summer 2013 collection

also features a kind of baroque style as well. Victorian shiz going on I think? And I love how sexy and androgynous everything is. 

I love everything! HER SHOES. gahhhh why must this be so expensive? I love the jacket. It screams sexy and sophistication.

Winner pants to make your legs look super duper long! I love the top, very contrasting with the chains.

This is absolutely gorgeous. The cut of the dress is super flattering. Should have worn something like this when I went to prom!

RAJO LAUREL spock and savile collection

Modern cut out and panels. Love his designs. Super refreshing and contrasting to baroque styles. I also love the concept of this photoshoot!

This dress will be very flattering to any figure! Love the details!

Love all the details specially the jacket/blazer.

This is just WOW. Love androgynous stuff so this definitely is a beautiful ensemble for me.


This dress is super gorgeous. I would've bought something like this also for prom. Yes I know it's black but whatevs. HAHA

Specially love Rajo Laurel's designs because it is super wearable! It speaks chic but it truly is wearable if you're a normal person. haha

So what's your favorite trend/piece?

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