Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Thank you to my boyfriend for the flowers and the ring! :) So beautiful! Love vday! :)

But I had a not so awesome experience where we ate dinner. Super rude servers! Several days ago we asked if we can reserve for a table because this resto is kinda a famous place for romantic dinners but they said they will not have reservations on valentine's day. They said it will be a "first come first serve basis". But when we got there, we were put to the smallest table with with the worst positioning ever then all the good tables were "Reserved". Gaaah. I was furious. meron naman palang reservation eh! I will never eat there again. Xocolat in katipunan. I hate youuuu! The service was also bad. Grrrrr.

But anyway, after that we went to Cbtl to enjoy hot tea and I think that was the highlight of my night.