Wednesday, February 1, 2012

princess of China

Bat wing (sorta) blouse from a thrifstore
overused polka dot skirt also from the same thrift store

Bought both of these at the same time! 

Belt from a random bazaar

all the owl accessories from my boyfriend :)
teal ring from a bazaar
watch from Timex
gold ring from my mom <3

vintage leather bag from my dad <3 he says it's from my uncle when he visited Taiwan

oxford flats from my sister! She bought it in Liliw (famous place for shoes here in the Ph)

Thanks to Anna Santos for the photographs and the feature! :) here's the link to me being featured as a college fashionista! 

Super happy about being featured! Can't believe I look like a fashionista pala. I thought I was just being papansin and being an attention whore! HAHA

And no I am not a princess of China. It's a Coldplay song and they featured Rihanna! Listen! It's a great song :)