Sunday, September 2, 2012

Acne solutions

Hey, so this blog post is pretty delayed because I always have something coming up! Never had the time to do this but now I am free so go!

I have acne. All over my face. It got worse and worse. So I did something about it. I tried so many products. So once I tried Beauche. It did clear out my acne and made my face smoother. But I think the results were very temporary, and my face became whiter than my whole body. (I think Beauche really does help in whitening which is unnecessary for my case). It was a great product but I didn't want the whitening effect. And it was also expensive. (Around 800php or approx. $20).

I found another product that worked WONDERS! I have been testing it for about 1 month and a half now and I gotta say, it's really effective! Actually, I have been putting it on my face less and less!


I'm kinda sad to see that it only contains half nowwww. It's so awesome! I love using this because it dries out my acne completely in like 2-3 days!

HOW I APPLY: (I have followed the Regimen by
I do this every night. (I suggest you test the ointment on a small part of your face first, then if no allergic reactions show up you're ready to go)
  1. Wet your face and wash. Lather it first on your hands and simply smooth it on your face. No need to scrub really hard. They say acne comes from irritation because we stress it too much. Minimize the friction between your fingers and face. Minimize the time you wash your face in 30 seconds. For more details on how click here.
  2. Dry it off with a clean towel. Also minimize the friction between the towel and your face.
  3. When face is completely dry, apply the ointment on your problem areas. By meaning of apply, I just dab it on my face. It may smell a little funky but I assure you it is really effective. I don't really rub it in very much, I just dab dab dab until my skin absorbs the product.
  4. I sleep this way!
  5. Then in the morning, I wash it off like in number 1. Then I put a moisturizer. (Very important) You're skin will experience some drying and peeling a bit, but it's not that scary. 
Also, what I love about this specific ointment is that there is no burning sensation. Actually, there is a cooling sensation when you apply it on your skin. (I think it has menthol). I never felt pain ever when I use this product. (Unlike Beauche which stings!) And what so great is that, it's just 50+php! (Approx. $2). I strongly suggest you try it out first before applying it on your face, swatching in on your arm or something then leaving it overnight. If it's fine then use it.

What moisturizer I'm using now:


I've been using this for over a month now. (I feel sad because I'm about to finish my tube). It is soooooooooo awesome! I love it! It has sunscreen too! I never thought it would have sunscreen because it is soooooooooo light! The texture is watery. My skin absorbs it so fast and quick! I apply this all over my face and neck everyday. So far no problems have occured.

  • I love the scent. It's really subtle!
  • I have sensitive skin and I never felt any itch or any irritations. 
  • I love that it's really cheap. (80php) And one tube lasts for about a month and several days.
  • My skin absorbs this product so well. I've tried different moisturizers that were thick and icky. I would sweat white throughout the day because of those thick moisturizers. This does not do that!

Will repurchase all these products once I finish them. I get the ointment at Rustans. (Haven't seen the ointment elsewhere) And the moisturizer is readily available everywhere I think.

Well, good luck with your acne!

p.s. this isn't a paid blog post and these opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I would simply say to you all “awesome information”

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  2. Hi! I'm trying to use Bioderm now. Glad I found a good review! :)
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  3. Hi :) i just want to ask if this ointment also lightens the dark spots or pimples mark?

  4. This will not lighten the dark spots, instead use products that has vitamin c in it, or squeeze a calamansi then use the juice and dab it on the marks. Hope that helps! Just make sure you moisturize after :)

  5. I always have something coming up! Never had the time to do this but now I am free so go!

  6. I used it also in the morning but why it gives me small pimples :( whenever I apply it sa face ko and it also gives more redness sa pimples ko :(