Monday, September 19, 2011

New blogger interface

Wow, blogger has a new interface. It's like google +! haha Anyway, I cut my hair super duper short! Very happy with the haircut :). I had it cut at Tony and Jackey. It's this amazing Korean salon here in Manila. They were very nice and very accommodating. They did what I wanted and it was perfect!

So yey my birthday is over (September 7). My mom gave me these:

Fit Flops "Luna"

I love Fit Flops! Seriously, they are super comfy! And I love this style because it is so chic you know? It's like having your feet massaged while you walk. I seriously recommend it.

And about my acne problems. Well. Beauche worked wonders! :) I love my skin now. Very smooth and the skin tone is even all throughout my face. Shall post a picture asap but not now. The camera's with my sister.

Been craving fudge all week, so I shall cook some maybe this week. :) That is all. tralala :)

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