Sunday, September 25, 2011

I must have these in my closet!

Okay, I'm pretty sad and down today. Well, it's a long story and I really don't want to think about it too much. Anyway, what better way to cheer myself than to search for clothes and the likes on the internet! So I've made this list on what should be in my closet! These are just simple and classic stuff I think should be in my closet. (And if you want it in your closet too we'll get along quite well).

  • The perfect denim pants (straight cut not too skinny)

Levi's (click here)
Love this pair. The color is perfect. Wish I could buy it! I like pants that are super duper long because I am super tall (at least in the Philippines) and it's really hard for me to find pants that'll fit me well. I usually see pants that are above my ankle. I think this kind of pants are really a classic. You can wear it with a super bongga and extravagant top for something quirky. Or just a white loose shirt for something comfy. It's like the perfect base for anything!

  • Black lacy underwear

Okay. lol. I photoshopped my face right there. No, I am not an underwear model. HAHAHA anyway, a lacy bra is a must. And I love black. Because it just looks good under anything. I mean, when you wear white you MUST wear black underneath. It's like the most important rule. Am I right?! And there's just this confidence in me when I wear really sexy bras underneath my clothes. It adds a sort of OOMPH when I walk out of the door in the morning.

  • Good pair of shorts that fits you perfectly!
I have this in my closet now. Hihi! Shorts are super comfy and casual. And as a student this is a must! It's also a classic because you can never go wrong with shorts that fit you nicely.

  • Basic shirts in white, black and gray. 
I got my white one at a department store, the black one at a thriftstore and the gray one was a gift from my boyfriend, he bought it at Solo. Love my basic shirts. Seriously. I also love F21's basic tees. I got one for myself and my sister, and I plan on buying more. As a university student, basic shirts are a life saver!

  • Good pair of quality shoes that are super comfy.

That is all. So what are your classic must-haves?

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