Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Stuff I Love

"Something Good Can Work" - Two Door Cinema Club

Seriously, LISTEN TO THEM! Kinda regret that I know them just now. They are so upbeat! And they are Irish, you can totally distinguish the vocalist's cute accent!

Fries! I'm in love with them. Even though they go straight to my thighs! Okay, I'm trying to control my consumption of these delicious angels.

Red Velvet cake! I am so craving for a slice. If you haven't tried this piece of heaven you are so missing 90% of your life!

This old school movie is super fantastic! Seriously, watch it! I didn't know what would happen next or where the story's gonna go. We need more movies like this! I love suspense so this is just a great movie to watch with your bf, friend or family!

Love postsecret on Sundays! Super awesome. :)

That is all. Have a super sunday everyone! :)

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