Thursday, October 6, 2011

Color my world

kfc's PASTA BOWL in creamy tomato

trying to be artsy

raining in katipunan avenue

after 2 minutes...


the size of the pasta bowl with comparison to my old school phone

trying to be hipster #1

trying to be hipster #2

NOW, to my outfit...

 hype on lookbook here
Fun day for me. Been eating at KFC too much lately. I don't know why but this time I was stranded because of the rain so no choice but to eat at KFC.

WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME HOW DELICIOUS PASTA BOWLS ARE? seriously, I didn't know. It is soooooooooo yummy! How come I've not been ordering this for all these years?! I hate Pinoy style spaghetti (too sweet for my taste, and some even taste like sweet ketchup). This pasta bowl is awesome. It's creamy, not too salty. I love the chicken pieces. OH KFC, you never fail me.

back to work #finalsAKAhellweek

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