Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday stuff I love

So here are the things I've been raving about.

My mom's vintage Christian Dior sunnies. Really cute and awesome. Love my mom!

Hair wax. I use this everyday because my hair is ridiculously flat and straight. 

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS SOAP! Seriously, it'll make your acne go away. It's part of the beauche set. I still use it and it's awesome!

Alcohol spray thingy. I don't leave home without it. I am a very messy person so this is very handy.

My dependable deo. It smells like a lady! (which sometimes I wanna be)

Smells like you just went out the shower! It is also very handy. I love small cute stuff!

Super excited because we are going to be thrift store hopping today. Yey! :) that is all. :)

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