Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back to basics

things that are keeping me awake and energized

the water looks like it's glowing!

study study study (#cheat this is my bf's book)

accessories for the day (well, everyday) the orange bracelet is from my sister

my beautiful old school umbrella. I wanna make a dress out of it!

I was bored waiting for class

still waiting for class

my ring embellished with dragons! see if you can spot them

What I wore today:

hype here

Today really ain't that bad. I was under a lot of pressure but it's fine now. phew. Next week I shall have more exams -.- I just want to rest and blog a lot and all that jazz.

I'm thinking of manufacturing my own clothing or something. I wanna open an online shop! Well, I have an online shop here but it is still empty because I have no time to organize my clothes on the wearable and sellable. I have so many ideas in my head for basic clothes but my mom insists I don't do the whole "make/design" clothes then sell them.

Maybe during the semestral break I could tidy up my closet and sell my clothes.Do watch out for it!


  1. Always love the white shirt + jeans combo. And your hair's awesome! :D looking forward to more edgy posts that would match it!

    xoxo Xta

  2. thanks :) this look is totally my "wala-na-kong-maisip-na-outfit" look. :))