Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poker night at Snappy John's

Yummy cakes (they look super yummy) but I didn't buy one because I think I'm getting super fat!

Awesome they're beside Moonleaf and you can order from them too. They have this little window which connects the two stores together. :)

This is my "poker" face. Hahahaha.

I love this little cafe! Snappy John's. They have poker sets so you can play poker all you want! Actually, they serve sandwiches which are super yummy. I didn't get a picture because we ate it up super fast! I didn't like the milk tea though, it was too sweet. But we regularly order at Moonleaf and it is super yummy but this time it was too sweet. Anyway, I love this little cafe (which can only accommodate like 2 small groups of people). Super nice service and really beautiful decor. The price isn't that bad also.

So for my rating I'll give this a 8 over 10. :)

This is their page so you could see their address and visit them too. 

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