Friday, October 14, 2011

Moshi Moshi review

Ate at Moshi Moshi like two days ago...

I liked the number they give you for your order. SO shiny and full of glitters! hehe

Liked this beef thing a little bit. I forgot what it's called. But it didn't taste really malasa. It lacked saltiness in my opinion. We asked for soy sauce after we tasted it.

This chicken thing was... "MEEEH" not that good. average. over-priced. Lacked salt again. Tasted dull.

OMG I HATE THIS! TAKOYAKI? (that's what it's called right?) ewww. I kinda barfed in my mouth when I tasted this. It was undercooked and gross, and fishy and weird. (Or is is the taste of takoyaki, well, I've never tasted it before) it was really GROSS. Super undercooked it was soggy on the inside and fishy. And the texture was weird.

Seriously, if you wanna live, DO NOT TRY THIS ^

  1. Overpriced
  2. Not really worth the visit
  3. but great ambiance
  4. nice service

I give it like 4 out of 10. Just because the service was good and the place was really cute. But I regret we didn't get Bon Chon instead.

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