Saturday, October 8, 2011

last (friday) night

favorite persian resto Alfahkr's

friends: Yves and Anciel

oh hello bucked teeth

awesome milkshakes: toasted marshmallow, nutella and BW

SHIT. I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. It was really well thought of. hmp! sayang! Anyway, normal friday night with friends. Ate at this new ice cream sorta shake store in Maginhawa, Ice Creamist (tama ba). Awesome because they use liquid nitrogen. It was really cool. (get the pun?) Had an awesome time, and I was wearing a gray tube dress! A break from the edgy cool and tomboy-ish looks I've been channeling these past few days. 

Really regret not taking a picture of my outfit. HAHA. I shall watch No Other Woman later. Let's see if it lives up to my expectations (Anciel has set my expectations really high by giving a good review about it). 


  1. Maginhawa is one of my favorite hangouts! (uhh TK and Moonleaf?) haha :) I added you on my blog roll na on Google Reader :

  2. thanks! seriously! lets moonleaf sometime! :) my bf lives there kaya I'm always there! haha