Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thrift shopping tips

"Ukay ukay" - literally means "dig" or "to dig". Also means thrift shops/thrift shopping. I love thrift shops very much. It saves me money and it is also a great fulfilling feeling to find beautiful vintage things! So I've been thrift shopping for quite some time now and I'm gonna share some tips.

  •  Wear comfortable clothes when going thrift shopping. I would suggest this ensemble: 

So cute right? I got distracted. Wear clothes that are easy to take off. I find loose shirt + shorts the most comfortable. I find white best, well because if you sweat it can't be noticed. hahaha
  • Eat before going to thrift shops. Because you shall need the energy :)

  • Carry tissues and sanitizer/rubbing alcohol. Because you might experience sneezing a bit because some clothes are really dusty and dirty (but sometimes the place is the dusty one). And alcohol to clean your hands after.

Hand sanitizers. These are so cute! 

Cute Hello Kitty tissue holder
  • Bring change or smaller bills. It's better to pay an exact amount because sometimes thrift shops don't have change and it's such a hassle to wait for them to get change from someone else or "magpapalit pa".

  • Know what you're looking for. I find it easier to keep my eyes on a goal. For example today I want a nice dress. So there, I have something to look for. This is the easiest method for me. But it's also fine to just browse until you find something interesting. That method usually takes more time.

  • Fit everything! A lot of clothes are not really nice to look at when it's on a hanger but when you fit it, it looks different. Try everything out. When you see something interesting pull it out. I find it easier when I pull everything I want then try it all on. You will save more time if you just got everything you found fabulous the try it on at one go to the fitting room.

  • When the clothes are a little bit dirty, still buy it if it fits perfectly. You can always wash it a hundred times when you get home. But I don't usually buy stuff that needs a LOT of repair. Just little repairs.

  • Do not buy just because it's cheap. This always happens to me. Sometimes I do not think if some clothes are wearable but I'll buy just because I feel it is a super steal. Make sure you'll wear it when you buy it.

  • Don't be too brand conscious. I do buy branded stuff at the thrift shops but I don't let brands limit me. I mean, I don't normally look at brands. It's just a bonus for me if what I bought was branded.

  • BARGAIN!!! :)

  • Enjoy thrift shopping :)

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