Sunday, September 25, 2011

I must have these in my closet!

Okay, I'm pretty sad and down today. Well, it's a long story and I really don't want to think about it too much. Anyway, what better way to cheer myself than to search for clothes and the likes on the internet! So I've made this list on what should be in my closet! These are just simple and classic stuff I think should be in my closet. (And if you want it in your closet too we'll get along quite well).

  • The perfect denim pants (straight cut not too skinny)

Levi's (click here)
Love this pair. The color is perfect. Wish I could buy it! I like pants that are super duper long because I am super tall (at least in the Philippines) and it's really hard for me to find pants that'll fit me well. I usually see pants that are above my ankle. I think this kind of pants are really a classic. You can wear it with a super bongga and extravagant top for something quirky. Or just a white loose shirt for something comfy. It's like the perfect base for anything!

  • Black lacy underwear

Okay. lol. I photoshopped my face right there. No, I am not an underwear model. HAHAHA anyway, a lacy bra is a must. And I love black. Because it just looks good under anything. I mean, when you wear white you MUST wear black underneath. It's like the most important rule. Am I right?! And there's just this confidence in me when I wear really sexy bras underneath my clothes. It adds a sort of OOMPH when I walk out of the door in the morning.

  • Good pair of shorts that fits you perfectly!
I have this in my closet now. Hihi! Shorts are super comfy and casual. And as a student this is a must! It's also a classic because you can never go wrong with shorts that fit you nicely.

  • Basic shirts in white, black and gray. 
I got my white one at a department store, the black one at a thriftstore and the gray one was a gift from my boyfriend, he bought it at Solo. Love my basic shirts. Seriously. I also love F21's basic tees. I got one for myself and my sister, and I plan on buying more. As a university student, basic shirts are a life saver!

  • Good pair of quality shoes that are super comfy.

That is all. So what are your classic must-haves?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last time

trying to be a model 

 p.s. notice people in the background rallying.

Hello! Well these pictures are beautiful right?! love the natural lighting. We shot this at my university when the sun was just setting. Hype on lookbook here

I really am in love with these pictures! :) Oh and the title of this post is "Last Time" because this is the last photoshoot I had with long hair. I have uber short hair now! Will post pictures of my new hair soon. :)

That is all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thrift shopping tips

"Ukay ukay" - literally means "dig" or "to dig". Also means thrift shops/thrift shopping. I love thrift shops very much. It saves me money and it is also a great fulfilling feeling to find beautiful vintage things! So I've been thrift shopping for quite some time now and I'm gonna share some tips.

  •  Wear comfortable clothes when going thrift shopping. I would suggest this ensemble: 

So cute right? I got distracted. Wear clothes that are easy to take off. I find loose shirt + shorts the most comfortable. I find white best, well because if you sweat it can't be noticed. hahaha
  • Eat before going to thrift shops. Because you shall need the energy :)

  • Carry tissues and sanitizer/rubbing alcohol. Because you might experience sneezing a bit because some clothes are really dusty and dirty (but sometimes the place is the dusty one). And alcohol to clean your hands after.

Hand sanitizers. These are so cute! 

Cute Hello Kitty tissue holder
  • Bring change or smaller bills. It's better to pay an exact amount because sometimes thrift shops don't have change and it's such a hassle to wait for them to get change from someone else or "magpapalit pa".

  • Know what you're looking for. I find it easier to keep my eyes on a goal. For example today I want a nice dress. So there, I have something to look for. This is the easiest method for me. But it's also fine to just browse until you find something interesting. That method usually takes more time.

  • Fit everything! A lot of clothes are not really nice to look at when it's on a hanger but when you fit it, it looks different. Try everything out. When you see something interesting pull it out. I find it easier when I pull everything I want then try it all on. You will save more time if you just got everything you found fabulous the try it on at one go to the fitting room.

  • When the clothes are a little bit dirty, still buy it if it fits perfectly. You can always wash it a hundred times when you get home. But I don't usually buy stuff that needs a LOT of repair. Just little repairs.

  • Do not buy just because it's cheap. This always happens to me. Sometimes I do not think if some clothes are wearable but I'll buy just because I feel it is a super steal. Make sure you'll wear it when you buy it.

  • Don't be too brand conscious. I do buy branded stuff at the thrift shops but I don't let brands limit me. I mean, I don't normally look at brands. It's just a bonus for me if what I bought was branded.

  • BARGAIN!!! :)

  • Enjoy thrift shopping :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

New blogger interface

Wow, blogger has a new interface. It's like google +! haha Anyway, I cut my hair super duper short! Very happy with the haircut :). I had it cut at Tony and Jackey. It's this amazing Korean salon here in Manila. They were very nice and very accommodating. They did what I wanted and it was perfect!

So yey my birthday is over (September 7). My mom gave me these:

Fit Flops "Luna"

I love Fit Flops! Seriously, they are super comfy! And I love this style because it is so chic you know? It's like having your feet massaged while you walk. I seriously recommend it.

And about my acne problems. Well. Beauche worked wonders! :) I love my skin now. Very smooth and the skin tone is even all throughout my face. Shall post a picture asap but not now. The camera's with my sister.

Been craving fudge all week, so I shall cook some maybe this week. :) That is all. tralala :)