Sunday, June 24, 2012

Been too long

Hi! Selling stuff on ebay. I think I need to sell some of my clothes cos I don't have space for them all! :(

Here's the link to my ebay page :

I'm just selling one item, shoes! The reason I'm selling is because it is the wrong size for my sister, I bought it for her. :( It doesn't fit me too because I have giant feet. HAHAHA go now to my ebay page to check it out :)

I'd like to share some songs I've been abusing for the past week. Here they are:

1. Kissing the Lipless by the Shins

2. The End by Kings of Leon

3. The Nearness of You by Norah Jones

4. Farther Down by Neon Trees

So that's it! Have a great sunday! :)

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