Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to: Photoshoots

Hey, just a disclaimer. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I know that and these are just tips and tricks I normally apply when I want a photo shoot (whether I'm the one behind the camera or in front). I got these from my experiences as a model and rarely, the photographer.

  1. Have a theme, this is very important. Make a theme or some sort of emotion you want to convey in the photos. Whether it is seduction or innocence. Have a concrete theme for your shoot.
  2. Use natural lighting. It is awesome. And I guess it is cheaper that buying lighting equipment. It makes the model's skin so much smoother.
  3. Be familiar with your equipment. You don't want to waste time on the day of the shoot fumbling with your camera.
  4. Learn your model's assets. What is her best physical qualities? Is it her eyes? Then focus on them. In my opinion, a good photographer makes anyone look their best.
  5. Be friends with your model/photographer. It is 1000x easier to shoot. And also, the photos does not look forced. Crack a few jokes and don't be shy.
  6. Be inspired. There are tons of photos on the internet. Be inspired by other people's works.
I had a theme in mind for this shoot, it was sort of indie summer!

This was for my online shop PORSELAS. My theme was a sorta happy go lucky girl

I shot this picture with the emphasis on the fabric.

I was good friends with the photographer :)
So there are my tips. Hope I've been helpful! :) And I really am interested in photography. I do not have an awesome camera yet (a lot of times I use just a point and shoot camera). Been a few times I've been able to borrow a DSLR. I've been dreaming of owning one, but I guess I need a LOT of money for that. Shall save for my first DSLR.


  1. Hey, great tips on photoshooting.

    Read until the end of your post to realize that you do not even own a DSLR.

    My background is rather similar with you:
    Engineering student interested in photography.

    I own my first DSLR by saving up my internship money + a few other part time jobs.

    and so I've completed my course of engineering, working as part time photography other than my full time job.
    It feels contented.

    So don't give up :)


    1. aww. I am really saving money to buy my very first dslr! :) Thanks for the inspiration! I think I'll do the same and maybe enroll in a photography class! :)

    2. All the best for you in photography :)

      p.s.: you have a new blog follower.