Sunday, June 17, 2012

I miss my long hair

I miss my long dark hair. Why did I cut it?? Well, I don't really regret cutting it. But I just miss having long hairrrrrrr. Random. Now I'm waiting for my hair to grow back.

Thinking of going to MOA (Mall of Asia) because Uniqlo just opened and there's a sale. Yep guys so if you wanna have awesome jeans, I think it's just Php590 a pair?? I think it's sale until June 22. That's a friday. Hope it isn't that crowded later.

Anyway, had a random photoshoot yesterday with my friend and it was super fun! Too bad the camera's battery ran out before we completed the shoot. The pictures turned out to be super beautiful. And too bad it rained a bit when we were shooting. Nothing beats natural lighting so the pictures turned out to be a little noisy and grainy. We shall schedule a more awesome shoot next time. I don't have the pictures right now but when I get a hold of them I'm sure I'll post it here. Toodles!

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