Sunday, June 24, 2012

Been too long

Hi! Selling stuff on ebay. I think I need to sell some of my clothes cos I don't have space for them all! :(

Here's the link to my ebay page :

I'm just selling one item, shoes! The reason I'm selling is because it is the wrong size for my sister, I bought it for her. :( It doesn't fit me too because I have giant feet. HAHAHA go now to my ebay page to check it out :)

I'd like to share some songs I've been abusing for the past week. Here they are:

1. Kissing the Lipless by the Shins

2. The End by Kings of Leon

3. The Nearness of You by Norah Jones

4. Farther Down by Neon Trees

So that's it! Have a great sunday! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to: Photoshoots

Hey, just a disclaimer. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I know that and these are just tips and tricks I normally apply when I want a photo shoot (whether I'm the one behind the camera or in front). I got these from my experiences as a model and rarely, the photographer.

  1. Have a theme, this is very important. Make a theme or some sort of emotion you want to convey in the photos. Whether it is seduction or innocence. Have a concrete theme for your shoot.
  2. Use natural lighting. It is awesome. And I guess it is cheaper that buying lighting equipment. It makes the model's skin so much smoother.
  3. Be familiar with your equipment. You don't want to waste time on the day of the shoot fumbling with your camera.
  4. Learn your model's assets. What is her best physical qualities? Is it her eyes? Then focus on them. In my opinion, a good photographer makes anyone look their best.
  5. Be friends with your model/photographer. It is 1000x easier to shoot. And also, the photos does not look forced. Crack a few jokes and don't be shy.
  6. Be inspired. There are tons of photos on the internet. Be inspired by other people's works.
I had a theme in mind for this shoot, it was sort of indie summer!

This was for my online shop PORSELAS. My theme was a sorta happy go lucky girl

I shot this picture with the emphasis on the fabric.

I was good friends with the photographer :)
So there are my tips. Hope I've been helpful! :) And I really am interested in photography. I do not have an awesome camera yet (a lot of times I use just a point and shoot camera). Been a few times I've been able to borrow a DSLR. I've been dreaming of owning one, but I guess I need a LOT of money for that. Shall save for my first DSLR.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I miss my long hair

I miss my long dark hair. Why did I cut it?? Well, I don't really regret cutting it. But I just miss having long hairrrrrrr. Random. Now I'm waiting for my hair to grow back.

Thinking of going to MOA (Mall of Asia) because Uniqlo just opened and there's a sale. Yep guys so if you wanna have awesome jeans, I think it's just Php590 a pair?? I think it's sale until June 22. That's a friday. Hope it isn't that crowded later.

Anyway, had a random photoshoot yesterday with my friend and it was super fun! Too bad the camera's battery ran out before we completed the shoot. The pictures turned out to be super beautiful. And too bad it rained a bit when we were shooting. Nothing beats natural lighting so the pictures turned out to be a little noisy and grainy. We shall schedule a more awesome shoot next time. I don't have the pictures right now but when I get a hold of them I'm sure I'll post it here. Toodles!